Like fish back in water, designers approached their Spring/Summer 2022 men's collections with an unbridled optimism fueled by visions of brighter days ahead. Employing a perfect balance of nostalgic and cutting-edge motifs, designers brought forth styles ranging from formidable, tailored garments, to light-catching embellishments, to laid-back, loose silhouettes. Prada showcased a sea-side collection that featured the brand’s signature almond-brimmed bucket hats as well as more evocative dabbles, such as male rompers and skorts, while Fendi displayed an array of tranquil pastels and asymmetrical cuts. Here, L’OFFICIEL rounds up the 10 outstanding trends from the Milan Men’s Fashion Week runways.

Monochromatic Looks

Monochrome had a major moment at Milan Fashion Week Men's, with brands like Fendi, Etro, and Tod's all enlisting the trend in colors ranging from neutral creams and camels, to more vibrant hues such as royal blue and tangerine.

Bomber jackets

The bomber jacket, a timeless men's outerwear staple known for its versatility, front-zip closure, and ribbed cuff, seemingly retreated from the fashion fore for a few years but has now made its marked return.


Softly-constructed suits offer a painless ease back into formal dress after a year and a half of work from home.

Mixed-and-matched patterns

Out-of-the-ordinary color and pattern combinations are a key point to the maximalist revival that is taking over, as was demonstrated on the runway by brands like Dolce & Gabbana and Etro.

Denim on denim

Once a fashion faux pas, doubling up on denim is now the pinnacle of fashionable dress.

Tinted sunglasses

See the world through rose-colored lenses by partaking in the colored-lens sunglasses trend sweeping the men's fashion week runways.

Open-toed sandals

Chunky, sporty, utilitarian-inspired sandals are evidently here to stay. The sandal trend that cropped up in recent years has yet to retreat into obscurity (much to the dismay of naysayers)-rather, it is only becoming more prevalent.

Micro Shorts

The perfect companion to warmer weather? Micro shorts. And if you're wondering how short is too short—according to the runways this week, the limit does not exist.

Color Blocking

Color blocking is once again on the rise, adding to the return to joy and fun in dressing. The super-saturated color wave has returned, and we couldn't be more pleased.

Oversized shoulders

The '80s power move (and Princess Diana hallmark) is back once again. Whether it be a blazer, a coat, or a suit, if you ever needed a sign t do it bigger and better, this is it.