As the mercury creeps its way up towards record temperatures and we bulk buy fans and ice cold Fantas (ahem, rosé), the question of what to put on every morning becomes ever trickier.

Dealing with 40-degree heat is intense enough on a beach holiday, but finding workable ways to dress for the sweaty city is a whole different ball game.

What to wear to the office that’s demure but not faint-inducing? Which fabrics are best avoided? And which shoes to choose? It’s a 104-Fahrenheit fashion dilemma.

We spoke to celebrity stylist Aimee Croysdill, who’s responsible for Nicola Coughlan, Laura Haddock and Ellie Bamber’s best looks, to get her top tips and tricks...

Wear breathable fabrics

“Linen and cotton are simply the best,” says Croysdill. “There are some incredible oversized voluminous cotton dresses on the market at the moment, which will keep you cool whilst looking very on trend. “The key is to make sure it’s a loose cotton fabric with bare legs so you keep that breeze billowing on your skin.”

Flowy fabrics not your thing? “If you’re not a lover of loose fabrics, just make sure the tight fabrics you wear are a cotton jersey.”

Lean on light hues

Although colour doesn’t matter half as much as fabric type, it can still help.

Light colours, such as white and subtle pastel shades, are the best at resisting heat, not to mention, covering up sweat patches. However, sun UV rays can still easily penetrate light fabrics. So, if you are wearing bright whites, it’s a good idea to still be slathered in sun cream underneath.

What about those of us who literally live in all-black everything? Aimee says, “I still wear black because I love it! Just make sure I’m always walking on the shady side of the road.”

You can’t go wrong with a shirt and shorts co-ord this summer

“Cotton Poplin shirts and matching boxer style shorts are my favourite heat buster for days where you can dress casually. They’re lose and don’t cling whilst looking really cool and effortless,” says Croysdill.

“Wear a tiny tank top underneath and the shirt unbuttoned so you have the option to show skin your arms or cover up if you feel you need extra protection when you’ve been exposed to the sun all day. The Frankie Shop do my favourite co-ord shirt and short sets or Arket have a great selection in linen.”

Choose the right footwear

“I find the right shoes are key to staying cool and comfortable in this heat,” says Croysdill. “Pointy slip on sandals or a simple mule can still look smart enough for the office and are super chic, without feeling like you’re stuffing your swollen hot feet into a heeled court”.

“For more casual days, I’m really into a fisherman sandal. My favourites are by Penelope Chilvers as they look most traditional and are so comfy, Dear Frances or Hereu have some super chic summer footwear too.”