It seems that hairstyles that were once in, and then decidedly out-mullets, we're looking at you-are back in a big way. With all of the current love being shown for hair trends of the '70s, '80s, and '90s, the once-cool looks of the last decade have slipped from our collective conscious. But who knows, once the trend cycle makes its way around again, our favorite hairstyles from the 2010s might just make a comeback. Here, L'OFFICIEL recaps 10 of the top hair trends from the decade that brought us man buns and ombré mania.

Donut Buns

Massive, puffy hair buns offered a pulled-together look that went along with our ballet flats and skinny jeans.


Ombré hair was pretty much inescapable throughout the 2010s. Celebrities with long and short hair alike dyed their locks with the gradient look, most often opting for a honey-blonde finish at the ends.