Even with raw vocal talent, the journey to the spotlight took time and effort for many pop stars. Humble beginnings and homemade videos launched a number of chart-topping musicians' careers to fame, such as Taylor Swift and Billie Eilish. While all artists experience an evolution in their work, the voices of many leading talents used to sound very different than their songs currently on the airwaves. Here, L'OFFICIEL looks back on 10 musicians' glow ups from before fame to their current A-list statuses. Take a listen and compare, you might be surprised.

Before: Britney Spears

After: Britney Spears

Before: Ariana Grande

After: Ariana Grande

Before: Taylor Swift

After: Taylor Swift

Before: Katy Perry

After: Katy Perry

Before: Post Malone

After: Post Malone

Before: The Weeknd

After: The Weeknd

Before: Bruno Mars

After: Bruno Mars

Before: Billie Eilish

After: Billie Eilish

Before: Beyoncé

After: Beyoncé

Before: Harry Styles

After: Harry Styles