After a year that rocked the world in every direction, big changes are inevitable. As fashion often reflects society's everyday experiences, the Spring/Summer 2021 collections were the first shows (virtual and in-person) to offer designers' commentary on the events of 2020. As for the clothes, the old rules you knew no longer apply. Fresh trends have emerged, claiming the right to be a part of the new world order. To join this cultural revolution, check out the 15 trends you should be wearing from the Spring/Summer 2021 runways.

'80s Graffiti



No longer relegated as decoration for streetside walls, today's graffiti invades the world of fashion as a colorful boost to even the most luxe collections. From Louis Vuitton to Chanel, catwalks boasted bright colors and '80s style.




Nobody can resist the sweetness of pastel colors. For your 2021 color palette, think cheerful and optimistic. Whether you're going for something romantic like Giambattista Valli or sexy in Versace, pastels are the way to go.




It is no longer necessary to steal from your boyfriend's wardrobe. The thin line between male and female clothing has faded. This year, experiment with sizes and shapes and create the outfit of your dreams by dipping into the menswear section for some maxi blazers, straight-legged pants, and oversized shirts.

Couture Skirts



Invest in a couture skirt without being afraid to exaggerate. After all, the term "excessive" rarely applies when it comes to fashion. Why not take pleasure in a garment that breaks the boundaries of traditional style? With sequins or feathers, details are the real key to making couture work for you.




If you've turned up your nose to the fishnet trend in the past, think again. Rocking this cagey style is a game of layering and details.

'90s Helmut Lang



If you don't know by now, consider this your wake up call: the '90s are back. However, this season, the world of Helmut Lang-which marked an entire generation of young cosmopolitan creatives-takes the main stage as our retrospective inspiration. Take this season to reducate yourself on the brand's urban chic revolution in the pre-Internet era.

Cinched Waist



To give traditional dresses an update, the trick is to choose the right balance between past and contemporary. Keep the lines classic, but the details modern. Cinch the waist with a chic belt to define the silhouette and get that elusive hourglass shape.




You can never go wrong with minimal. The long-coveted aesthetic returns to the catwalk playing with black and white tones. Simple and clean lines dominated the runway: the essentiality of a Proenza Schouler coat, the angelic whiteness of an Emporio Armani dress, and the transparencies of Acne Studios. Everything is possible in the name of minimalism.

Oversized Shoulders



Shoulder pads are back. Though the style is a hallmark of the '80s, many don't know that they were first popularized by the military. The trend began in the '40s when they wore uniform jackets with slightly pointed shoulders. However, for today's designers, the shoulder pad fad has taken on a life of its own. They add that unexpected twist for lovers of danger and for those who like to push the parameters of today's trends.




Colorful, bold, and over the top: this year the prints unleash their potential to the maximum, exuding joy and gaiety. After long months (has it only been months?) spent within the walls of ours homes, this spring is the time to stand out.




It's been too long since the last party and the excitement of wearing a shiny dress that comes with it. It's time to rejoin society and do it in style. Sequins seem to be the only answer to make up for the months spent in the comfort of our sweatpants and leggings.




Continuing the party theme, consider silver to be your go-to color for the season. The metallic hue was all over the runways this season leaving behind a trail of magnetic fashion choices.

Trench Coats



The trench coat changes its skin this year with new colors, patterns, and fabrics. For those who love to experiment but remain faithful to tradition, upping your trench game with a more exaggerated silhouette or embroidered detail provides the perfect new staple pieces your closet needs.




During quarantine, the world mobilized in the name of do-it-yourself. As a result, designers found themselves gravitating to the hippy-inspired trend as well. If you're a fan of rainbows, this is the trend for you.

Urban Sportswear



Who could have imagined that athletic apparel could be so chic? Team uniforms have become essential in the wardrobe of a true fashionista this year, especially if they come stamped with a designer label.