Achieving the perfect makeup doesn’t need to be complicated or time-consuming. Thanks to these handy tips and tricks you’ll never have to feel frustrated in front of the mirror again. Whether you’re wondering how to nail the perfect cat-eye or make your lipstick stay on longer, you’ll find the best advice right here. So, no matter if you’re a beginner or somewhat of a pro, you’re sure to learn a thing or two from these helpful hints.

1. Using a Spoon to Easily Apply Mascara

Every lady has been through the pain of finishing her eye makeup only to realize she’s somehow ended up with mascara on her lids. Well, thanks to this hack, you can banish that pesky problem for good. All you need is a spoon from your kitchen, and you’ll soon have perfect mascara every time. Just place the end of the spoon underneath your lashes before applying your mascara as normal. Now, any residue or excess product will end up on the back of the spoon instead of on your face.

2. Never Put Concealer on Your Eyelids

Although you may be tempted to apply concealer or foundation to your eyelids as a base, you should always refrain. While using concealer under your eyes is a great way to mask dark circles and under-eye bags, applying it to your eyelids can ruin your eye makeup by causing it to become creased.

3. Using Tape or Spoon for Cat Eye Look

Creating the perfect cat-eye look with eyeliner can be tricky. Not only is it hard to get the ideal flick and shape, but you also need each side to match. For an easy way to nail the perfect feline flick, try using a spoon or some tape. Start by creating a straight line from the outer corner of your eye following the edge of the spoon. Then, trace around the curved edge from the end of your flick back down to your lashes and fill in the wing.

4. Shape Your Eyebrows

Shaping your brows needn’t be difficult, just follow these steps. Start by brushing your eyebrows with a spoolie, so the hairs sit naturally. Then, use a soft, waxy brow pencil to shape the outside of your brow with the thinner side of the tip. Using the flatter angle of the pencil, fill in your brows using short, hair-like strokes. Finally, blend some highlighter just below your brow bone for lift.

5. Heating Up Eyelash Curler

If you find that curling your lashes the regular way only keeps them lifted for a short amount of time, try heating up your curler before using it. Just as your curling wand helps your hair hold its shape with heat, so too can your eyelash curler. Just use your blow-dryer to hit your eyelash curler with a blast of hot air. Once heated, allow it to cool slightly, so you don’t burn your eyelids. Then, clamp your lashes as per usual.

6. Match Lip Colour with Cheeks

Matching your lip color with your cheeks creates a lovely, coordinated, and natural appearance. To achieve the look without a dual-purpose product, you can easily turn your favorite lip crayon into a cream blush. Just apply some to the back of your hand before using your finger to blend it across your cheeks.

7. DIY Gel Eyeliner

If you’re ever in desperate need of some gel eyeliner and don’t have time to run to the shops, you can create your own. All you need is a regular kohl eye pencil and a lighter or match. Then, hold the pencil under the flame for one second before allowing it to cool for 15. The consistency of the pencil will change before your eyes as it becomes softer and easier to apply. Your new smudgier, gel eyeliner should now simply and smoothly glide onto your eyes.

8. Quick Smokey Eye

While a lot of smokey eye looks require several different shades of eyeshadow and a whole lot of blending, there is a fast and easy alternative. Simply use an eye pencil to draw a slanted hashtag above the outer corners of your eyes and blend with a smudger. Doing so will instantly create a killer smokey eye that’s dark and light in all the right places.

9. Make Your Lipstick Last Longer

Whether it’s a wineglass or your husband’s cheek, lipstick has a knack for ending up everywhere but on your lips. If you find that yours keeps disappearing before the end of the day, try employing this handy trick to give it a longer life. After swiping on your lippy, place a tissue over your lips and dust on some translucent powder. Doing so will help set your color and make it instantly longer-lasting.

10. Fake the Cheekbones

Although not everyone is born with killer cheekbones, we can all fake it. All it takes is some simple sculpting. Start by puckering to find the hollows of your cheeks and apply a deep nude blush or contour powder in the sunken area under your cheekbones. Next, apply a peachy blush starting from the apples of your cheeks and moving outwards while lightly blending with the nude blush beneath. Finish with a sweep of shimmer along the top of your cheekbones and under your temples.

11. Exfoliate Your Lips

To easily achieve soft and smooth lips that are lipstick ready, exfoliate by gently rubbing them with a baby toothbrush. To make the process even more efficient, use a simple homemade lip exfoliant and brush it on in circular motions. All you’ll need is some brown sugar and coconut oil to create an easy, useful, and natural exfoliant.

12. Tightlining

For ladies who love a natural makeup look, tighlining is a great trick to learn. The process involves applying eyeliner right to the base of your lashes to create a fuller and more defined appearance without it looking like you’re wearing makeup. To nail the tightlining technique, use a brush to gently push gel eyeliner into the roots of your upper eyelashes.

13. Lighter Coverage Trick

To create lighter coverage with your foundation, try adding one or two drops of argan oil before applying. The mixture will create a lovely, light formula that’ll easily glide onto your skin for a great result. As the oil will create a glow and help even out light reflectance from your skin, it’s also an excellent trick for looking good in pictures.

14. Fuller Lips

For ladies with a little pout, overlining can be the key to achieving big, luscious lips. All you need to do is follow Kylie Jenner’s lead and apply lip liner just outside your natural lip line, focusing on the Cupid’s bow and center of your lower lip. The extra line will make your lips appear instantly bigger and plumper.

15. Luminous Skin with Your Foundation

Luminous skin appears youthful and radiant. To fake a glowing complexion on days when your skin’s looking a little dull, try this useful tip. Mix a small amount of golden or pearly white eyeshadow into your foundation before applying. You’ll quickly notice the incredible lift it gives your face.


How do you get better at makeup?

Getting good at doing your makeup requires a lot of practice and skill. This can be achieved faster and easier if you know a few tips and tricks, including priming your face, including your eyelid, using tissue on your lips and dusting on translucent powder to make it last longer, and matching your lipstick to your blush. You cannot achieve a great look without having the right tools and products, so it is smart to invest in a complete kit with different brushes and tools. There are also several online tutorials to watch, which can help you get the look you are after and give you a step-by-step approach on how to do it.

When applying makeup, what goes on first?

When applying makeup, you should first ensure that you have washed your face and moisturized. Next, use a primer and color corrected, and then your foundation and concealer. Women often wonder if it is better to apply concealer or foundation first, and, in general, it can be helpful to put your foundation first as this can create an even base. What comes next is your eyeshadow, and use setting powder underneath the eyes to avoid a mess. Others leave this step until after they've applied blush, bronzer, and highlighter. Your last step is your lips. It is then useful to complete your look with a setting spray or powder.

How can I get flawless makeup?

If you want to achieve a flawless makeup look, you can start by purchasing good-quality products and investing in the right tools and kits. It is helpful to start with clean skin and apply a good moisturizer. You also want to use a primer before applying any products, and ensure you use a concealer and foundation that is the right color for your skin tone. Too light or too dark will not look good. It is also helpful to note your skin tone, whether it is fair, light, medium, tan or dark, and whether you have a neutral, cool, or warm undertone. This will influence what makeup colors will work best for you. Remember that achieving a perfect look takes time and practice, so be patient and give yourself time to achieve this.

How do I make my skin look perfect with makeup?

Before applying any products to your skin, it is helpful to note whether you have oily, acne-prone, normal, or dry skin, as the formulas you should use will affect this. Apply makeup to a clean, dry face and make use of moisturizer and primer. Find the products that match your skin tone, consider your undertone, and don't be afraid to experiment and practice until you find a look that works for you. Using online makeup tutorials and having the right tools and products can also help you achieve a flawless appearance faster.

How do you make your makeup look good naturally?

One of the most popular looks for every day is the no-makeup appearance. It can provide simple coverage and enhance your natural features, creating a dewy and pretty look. The focus here is good skin, so be sure to use moisturizer, primer, a lightweight concealer for any blemishes, and the right foundation for your skin tone and complexion. Opt for natural eye makeup and define your brows. Apply mascara, but you can wipe some of it off by gently using a cotton bud to avoid it looking too heavy. Finish the look with a gloss or nude lipstick. You need only the basic products to complete the natural look, and the key is to not opt for anything too dramatic.