It’s been a year and counting into this masked life, and one of the happy realizations makeup lovers have come to is that we have to hold on to things that give us joy in these times, and beauty is definitely it. Foundation and lip color, in particular, are still applied whether or not others will see it, despite it almost always transferring onto the inside of your face masks. Well, if makeup is joy-giving, here are four ways you (and your face) can hold on to it, keeping your beat and your mask fresher for longer.

Step 1: Transfer-proof it.

There are the products that claim to be longwear and there are the ones that actually do it - thankfully, we found the ones that do both. Revlon Satin Ink liquid lipstick only needs a little to go a long way if you prefer a tint, but it could also give you one-swipe full coverage, with very little dry time. Once it’s dry, it is transfer-proof, but you can retouch with a balm and it wouldn’t budge. Meanwhile, L’Oreal Infallible Fresh Wear Foundation gives you an ultra-lightweight finish with a medium, buildable coverage. Pro tip: apply as thinly as possible with a sponge, and let it absorb fully before you applying a second layer if need be.

Revlon Satin Ink Liquid Lipstick

L’Oréal Infallible Fresh Wear Foundation

Step 2: Use a powder.

Powders do so much for us despite their bad rep of cakiness, dryness, aging the skin, etc. New-generation formulas like the Glossier Wowder feel like nothing on the face, and it keeps whatever base you apply looking natural all day. Sweep it all over the face with a big fluffy brush for even application. To mask-proof your base even more around the undereyes, nose, and mouth, use a denser brush or a sponge, or take your fluffy brush, gather the bristles, and then press the product into the areas to set. Don’t forget to lightly blend afterward.

Glossier Wowder

Step 3: Seal with a setting spray.

Remember setting sprays? It’s time to bring them out again. Benefit’s Porefessional line extends to include the Porefessional Super Setter. The spray promises to hold your makeup for 16 hours (!!!) and blur pores, while its ultra-fine atomizer spray avoids splashy applications messing up your makeup. MAC Fix+ in Matte is a well-loved setting spray formulated to leave your skin with a matte finish so it holds makeup and controls oil.

To lock your look in place, mist the product six to eight inches from your face and let it absorb.

Mac Prep+Prime Fix+ Matte

Benefit Porefessional Super Setter

Step 4: Use a setting spray-for your mask.

While you’re letting the mist absorb, do the same with your mask to really transfer-proof, sweat-proof, and waterproof your base. Two spritzes on the inside should be enough, but make sure to let it fully dry before putting it on. If your mask is reusable, make sure to wash it after use.