The art of dressing for me has always been super simple and rather uncomplicated. I prefer it that way, almost a uniform of an old blue jean, a plain shirt and a coat. This has always made me a huge advocate for jewellery and life defining pieces and here, I share with you an obsession I've had for awhile - adorning myself in glass with these following jewellery designers.

Tiana Marie Combes

A beautiful jewellery designer out of Los Angeles, Tiana Marie Combes is my absolute favourite. I have spent long hours lusting over every single piece, made of fine Italian glass and reclaimed fire metals.

Uniquely brushed sterling silver bracelets and chains and necklaces threaded with ornamental glass beads. If any woman had to have a staple jewel as part of her daily uniform, I recommend you look no further than Tiana Marie Combes.

Maryam Nassir Zadeh

It's no secret that every downtown New Yorker is well and truly acquainted with the bespoke and inimitable designs of Maryam Nassir Zadeh.

I have also spent hours obsessing over her glass rings, necklaces and earrings, all crafted into different disproportioned shapes and in a different array of colours and tints.

Alexa De La Cruz

Alexa De La Cruz is a fine jewellery studio based out of Mexico City. I came across Alexa´s work in the early beginnings and fell head over heels for her poetry.

Always paying homage to nature, heirlooms and the ancient, Alexa De La Cruz is another jeweller I would recommend pinning in your memory.

Brooke Callahan

Hand made with love in New York, Brooke Callahan is a lover of sourcing vintage glass beads.

One of a kind and with the flower bead now quickly becoming a signature stamp, Brooke expands into glass beaded earrings, chokers and also takes custom orders.