Colorful Rings

Seen on Bella Hadid, Iris Law, and Emma Chamberlain, they are everywhere. Big, colorful, and often made with gems, clay and plastic rings are on every hand. Instantly bringing color to an outfit or perfectly matching your already vibrant ensemble, you can find them everywhere. Here is the La Manso model, worn by Hadid, Dua Lipa, and Devon Lee Carlson. You can also make them yourself, as many DIY versions are flourishing on the Internet.


A basic that is making its comeback stronger than ever is the scarf. In the hair, on the bag, around the neck, the possibilities are endless. Either with a pattern, a monogram, a color, or a basic one, it’s an accessory that will instantly upgrade your outfit. Seen on Camille Charriere with her Dior one, she showed how to style her scarf in different ways. The inspirations are infinite, and you have a multitude of choices from vintage to new luxury pieces.

'70s Orange Sunglasses

Last year, tiny sunglasses were a must-have. This year, they're big and orange. A reminder of the '70s, these glasses will protect everyone's eyes from sunny days or when you don't want to face the world. As seen on Kaia Gerber, they fit every face. They instantly upgrade your look, even when pulled back in the hair. You can find your perfect pair at Lexxola, where they have many choices to fit everyone's dream sunglasses.

Baby Mary Jane Shoes

Versace confirmed with its Fall/Winter 2021 show that baby Mary Janes with a platform are in. You can find yourself a beautiful pair with the Italian brand Nodaleto, which first set the trend back in 2019 when it was created. Multiple colors exist to match all aesthetics. These shoes are an absolute must-have for your outfit.

Baseball Caps

Not matter what team you support, the baseball cap is back on our heads. Bringing a quirky edge to a chic outfit, the mix is perfect. They also are protecting your face from the sun and the damage it's doing to the skin. The New Era one boasts the popular New York Yankees logo, but any graphic can make for a good statement.