No one. She’s practically written the book on how to turn heads, and because of that she has her very own publication, The Rihanna Book, which is filled with more than a thousand images of her looking overpoweringly cool.

On top of being a constant source of fashion inspiration-whether vacationing in her native Barbados or dashing through the NYC streets-Rihanna’s outfits are like crystal balls. They tell us what’s going to be in and what’s on its way out of fashion.

Long before quarantine life became our norm, Rihanna was wearing elevated sweatsuits. She had also been signaling our current taste for voluminous proportions-turning up in wide-leg power pants and oversized outerwear balanced with leg-baring minidresses.

Even without her impossible-not-to-like music, we owe a lot to her for always keeping us in the know of what’s next. And that appreciation is especially needed today on her birthday.

To celebrate the queen of style, we’ve gathered five moments in her fashion history that hinted what was to come this spring. It’s Rihanna’s world; we’re all just living in it.

Power Pants

A little more than a year ago, Rihanna stepped out in roomy Jacquemus trousers, signaling the need for a break from plain, skinny pants.

Clingy Dress

A couple of months earlier, Rihanna hinted that body-hugging dresses will reign supreme for a couple of seasons.

Bright Bags

In February 2020 the singer brought a casual outfit to life with fun accessories, including a bold Bottega Veneta clutch and an Emma Brewin green hat.

Short Hemlines

A day earlier Rihanna demoed the leg-baring trend while wearing a Fenty sweaterdress equipped with a high slit.

Elevated Sweats

And at the end of 2019 Rihanna foreshadowed the takeover of luxury sweatpants and sweatshirts.