It's hard to picture celebrity red carpet looks and A-list street style outfits without the help of today's most influential stylists. Sure, we all have our individual sense of style, and so do the celebrities we know and adore-but stylists are able to capture an audience, make headlines, and set the trends of today, all by adding your favorite celebrity's personal touch.

From coordinating with makeup and hair to organizing the fashion for photo shoots, stylists have a way of completely transforming a celebrity's brand image. Stylists work closely with major fashion houses including Gucci, Valentino, Louis Vuitton, and many more, in order to build a partnership with their client and the company. Their ability to pull custom, and even the rarest pieces from these collections, make them a critical facet to a celebrity's public appearances. They are particularly helpful for young stars who are still discovering their own style or want to experiment with their red carpet looks. Here, learn about the most infuential stylists of Gen Z celebrities who have not only made their mark on the fashion world, but have birthed major style transformations.

Maeve Reilly

Before Maeve Reilly came into the picture, TikTok sisters Charli and Dixie D'Amelio were just your average teenage girls. But thanks to Reilly's stylistic choices that embody the essence of each D'Amelio sister's personality, from Charli's soft and feminine nature to Dixie's dark and boyish rockstar persona, we see the D'Amelio sisters in a new light.

Law Roach