Just when we think we've worn enough loungewear to physically become a pair of sweatpants ourselves, we'll spot a trend or an outfit that makes us fall in love with fashion all over again. Mixed prints and patterns definitely have that sort of effect on us. There's just something so fun and eye-catching about seeing, for example, bright stripes seamlessly styled with plaid pieces. However, when we attempt to try the trick ourselves? Well, it suddenly feels a bit more complicated.

Thankfully, there are runway and street style looks out there ready to provide plenty of inspiration. We've also learned that the proper way to mix patterns relies on balance: if one print is big, wear it with something of a smaller scale, and if one is extra loud, find something more subtle to tone it down.

Ahead, take a look at some A+ mixed-print outfits to try. And, the good news is, yes, you can do it with pajamas, too.

Keep Color in Mind

As Dries Van Noten showed us, if you're going to wear a vibrant color, balance it out with something darker, like this deep green jacket and purple printed pants.

Go With Loud and Subtle

You can barely make out the print on this Erdem top - which makes it the perfect piece to pair with a checkered skirt. It's almost solid and in a similar color scheme, so the two items blend together nicely.

Coordinate Your Look

Speaking of color schemes, that's one trick you can use when mixing patterns. Go easy at first: stick with black and white, styling something polka-dotted with a striped purse.

Consider the New Neutrals

Animal prints like snakeskin and leopard have proven to be versatile, and oftentimes, they go undetected. Treat them as solid neutrals and style them with something floral for an unexpected twist.

Rely On Staples

There's a reason a striped button-down is known as a 'basic.' It's simple and easy, making it the perfect top to wear with paisley pants.

Experiment With Outerwear

If you aren't willing to commit for the full day, add some life to a plaid jacket or coat by throwing on a neutral graphic scarf.

Combine Seasons

If you're trying to transition summer clothes for the cooler weather, find a plaid or striped blazer in the same color family to layer over your look.