8. Braid it

When my hair hasn’t been washed yet, I find that putting it in a braid hides its flatness and keeps people from noticing that it isn’t as full and flouncy as usual. There are so many styles of braids to choose from. You could braid all of your hair into one giant French plait, maybe some fish scale braids can be done on both sides, or even a basic braid looks great. Whatever you are able to do, try it out and see what you think.

7. Weave in some ribbons

If you do go for the braided look, weaving in some ribbons will spice things up a bit. I think brightly colored ribbons are very festive. You could even twist some ribbons into your hair and wind it all up into a sort of sloppy bun. You’d be surprised at how much the ribbons do for your hairdo. They are capable of making even a drab do look a bit fancier.

6. Bobby pins work wonders

I’ve used nearly 20 bobby pins to sculpt my hair into the most amazing shapes and in very little time. There are also brightly colored and sparkly bobby pins that can be added to any hairdo for a different appearance. These might be considered mere accessories, but they do work wonders.