It is important not only to know the basic rules of style, but also to be able to adapt. Here are some practical, simple, and almost effortless tips on how to play with your personal style and create a timeless fashion moment.

1. Invest in basic clothing

Invest in good quality clothes and basic items like jeans, shoes, or a T-shirt. The key is to pick versatile pieces that you can easily pair with your existing clothes or accessories.

2. Don't buy clothes just because they're fashionable

Staying on top of recent trends can help shape your style, but it's important to select and adapt the seasonal trends that suit you best. Being a bit picky will help you curate a signature wardrobe. Before you go shopping, make a list of pieces that you know your closet needs. This will help you avoid unnessary impulse purchases.

3. Visit a stylist

Not everyone can afford to consult a stylist every time they buy clothes for a new season, but it can be a worthwhile and even more affordable option every once in a while. Take the time to get a professional opinion and get valuable information that will be useful in the future.

4. Choose dark blue jeans

Like all dark clothes, these jeans flatter the silhouette. In addition, they are closer to black, making it easier to combine other clothes with them. High-quality, durable, classic-cut jeans are a must-have.

5. Bet on monochrome looks

Getting stylish will be easier if you master a one-color look. Beige, white, brown, blue, or black are perfect for all styles and are easy to match with accessories.

6. Don't be afraid to splurge on shoes

Quality footwear is one of those purchases that isn't worth saving money and time–in the long run, an expensive pair of shoes will be a safer purchase. They need to be high quality and comfortable, and you need to evaluate the style as well. This is one of the few parts of the wardrobe that needs to be completely functional and fashionable. Be sure to pay attention to white shoes this summer–they are more difficult to care for, but will look elegant on your feet.

7. Invest in accessories

You will never regret buying a timeless accessory, especially one that seems to get better and better with age. Choose neutral colors like black, beige, navy blue, or grey to avoid an overly sweet image. One of the most important rules is to invest in good accessories that can liven up both a simple look of jeans and a T-shirt and a more chic dress.

8. The most important thing is self-confidence

Even the most elegant clothes won't help if you don't trust yourself. Choose pieces that make you feel good. You'll not only look more confident, but have a more elevated style.