British fashion model Twiggy has been a cultural icon since the '60s. Her elegant and bold eye makeup coupled with her infamous androgynous haircut made her into the "Face of 1966," launching her into a global sensation and the epitome of the decade's Mod aesthetic.

Born Lesley Hornby and widely considered as the world's first supermodel, Twiggy's defining looks brought forth a new era for fashion. Her impact on the fashion industry remains untouched as her experimental looks embraced a wide variety of styles. From the bohemian shift dresses and Space Age fashion of the '60s and '70s, the fabulous and glamorous style of the '80s, to the sophisticated yet relaxed menswear-inspired suits of the '90s, there isn't a look that Twiggy hasn't mastered.

Despite only modeling professionally for four years, Twiggy's era-defining style continues to inspire the beauty of today. To celebrate the former supermodel's 72nd birthday, L'OFFICIEL takes a look back at her fashion transformation over the past few decades.