AFF was established on 22 November 2002 with the signing of an agreement between Japan, Korea and China in Beijing. The agreement confirmed a cooperative effort between member countries to utilize fashion resources from within Asia as a means of value-added when exporting to the world. In 2007, Singapore joined up as the fourth member, followed by Thailand on 7 April 2008, represented by TGMA, as the fifth member.

Member countries can only be represented by one organization which has the potential and experience to conduct activities in the field of fashion promotion and development. Other organizations in AFF are:

-                      AFF China – China Fashion Designers Association (CFDA)

-                      AFF Japan – Japan Fashion Association (JFA)

-                      AFF Korea – Korea Fashion Federation (KFA)

-                      AFF Singapore – Textile  Fashion Federation Singapore (TAFF)

-                      AFF Thailand – Thai Garment Manufacturers Association (TGMA)


By becoming a member of AFF this year, Thailand therefore plays a major role as host of the AFF Bangkok Conference 2008. TGMA, as representative at AFF Thailand, is confident that the conference will greatly benefit the Thai fashion industry. Among the activities are a seminar on the topic “Today Asian Fashion Lifestyles”, a fashion show by young designers from the five member countries, as well as a trade show for investors.




AUGUST 27, 2008                                                                              

10.30                AFF Official Membership Signing Ceremony                                

                        Highlight of AFF Young Designers Fashion Show             

13.40                2008 AFF Bangkok Conference Opening Ceremony         

14.00                AFF Young Designers Fashion Show                  

14.45                AFF presents seminar on “Today Asian Fashion Lifestyles”                      


AUGUST 28, 2008                                                                                          

10.00                Business Matching



More information please contact:             Ornlekha Pengpring

                                                            Fashion Business development Department




Staring his career as designer in 1994. Now his collection has been presented successively in China Fashion Week and on red carpet of  French Canne Movie Festival.

Theme: Fragrance

Inspiration: All birds singing, flowers bring the fragrance. This collection is the combination of haute couture with birds and flowers



Profile: Born in Kobe. He has a father running a draper's, and grew up in a family being engaged in fashion business and show business. He is working extensively in the field of apparel and graphic design after graduated the design academy. He has established a company “MERCURY Co., Ltd.” and created a brand “BOISNONVERNI”. His brand concept is to be real clothes and to keep having a visionary sensibility with imagination and creation.

Collation Name: About an Artisan

Theme: About an Artisan

Inspiration: Collection of homage for artisan craftsman who loved John Lennon



6 years experience as chief designer of How and What Co., Ltd.

Collection Name: Ultra Modern

Theme: 1. cold as ice            2. re-move

Inspiration: Feminine with remarkable touches, the re-interpreted new version of new age music of the 80’s gives us powerful impression and its motif appeals to the pursuit for modernity.



an interior designer-turned-fashion-designer. His collections are characterized by his graphic, linear styles inspired by architectural and industrial elements, new engineered cutting techniques and the creative treatment of fabric. Employing structural sense and organic details into typical tailoring, Ben's collections feature a contrast of forms, and create a sense of futurism.

Collection Name: Motion of Moment

Inspiration: Body at rest in equilibrium, as it moves through stillness. It emits forces of pressure to capture the power of motion, to feel the stillness move in this moment.



A brand new graduated textile technology student with  the 2nd honour degree. Warinlada won
 Saha Group Bangkok Young Designer Awards 2008 under the concept  Make it trend : Inspired by BANGKOK together with The Best Sewing Award 2008. Now, she is now brand manager of kid’s wear.

Collection Name: Thai  is  Thai

Theme: 1. customization 2. thainess+moderness 3. paper doll

Inspiration: Paper Doll -New Wearing