For this project, the boundaries between genders and identities have been ignored, showcasing products that are singular and characteristic of Byredo’s vision of the world. The creative pair have worked closely together and developed an almost “open source” approach to beauty, placing the instincts and subjectivity of users at the center of this new open beauty system. Versatile products such as the Colour Stick will allow the user to choose how they are worn, whether on the eyes, lips or cheeks, and thus reflect the idea of subjective beauty at the heart of the brand.

The color palette is the result of an emotional choice rather than a strategic one, and thus deliberately navigates from one extreme to the other, from the audacious to the subtle. So is the graphic approach that accompanies this line. Led by Ffrench, it proposes original ideas rather than demanding diktats. Unique totemic packaging designed by Gorham features products that are obscure objects of desire, to be owned as much as to be worn. They are a projection of the more traditional future, where quality, precision and weight are once again essential rather than mere elements subject to the form and function of cosmetic products.

You’ll just have to wait till October so stay tuned!