Long live space, science fiction, and the future. Under the direction of Nicolas Di Felice, Courrèges, which celebrates its 60th birthday this year, regains its former glory with its Spring/Summer 2022. In fact, for next season the creative director pays tribute to the founder Andre Courrèges with a modern, colorful, minimal, and futuristic touch show a new definition of the sci-fi aesthetic to celebrate the birthday of the Maison.

Despite the obvious innovations introduced, the heart of the brand, purity and simplicity, is not distorted. "I have no intellectual pretensions," says the creative director, "but I have my vision to pursue. I propose simple things, to receive and to understand. Courrèges has always been this: fine dresses born from the meticulous search for purity and simplicity."

Courrèges by Di Felice proceeds at a brisk pace towards a very specific direction: transforming the brand, once relegated only to a niche of connoisseurs, into an object of desire of the new generations. With oversized coats, cut-out and crossover crop tops, trapeze dresses, and miniskirts, the Maison's '60s aesthetic is reinterpreted under a new contemporary perspective. The palette is innovative: the introduction of silver that transports spectators towards a utopian future, electric blue, traditional yellow, and glossy black are the real stars of the show. There is no shortage of touches of pink, brown, and white.