Bootights are a "combination tight plus sock, all in one," which eliminate the need for sweatiness-inducing doubling up on those days you wear boots with your tights. So they look like regular tights from the top of your boot up, but when you unzip/unbutton/slip out, they actually have a reinforced bottom section that look and feel like socks built right in. They're $30, and they come in a bunch of different styles (see 'em all at

We've seen all kinds of innovations in hosiery in recent years--my absolute favorite are the Spanx Two Timin' reversible tights!--but do you think these are the thing could have a serious effect on the way you get dressed, like Oprah claims? Do any of you struggle with doubling up socks and tights when you wear boots? Or does it not really bug you that much? Do you already have a pair of Bootights? Do you want one? Discuss!