Winter date nights can be romantic. Indoor bars and candlelit restaurants feel charming and inviting, all while giving you the perfect excuse to cozy up to the person you're seeing. (It's dark! And the music is loud!) This season, however, date night might look a bit different depending on where you live and what's actually open. For those who live in areas where socially-distanced meals are still a thing, we put together the perfect date night look to keep you warm. For everyone else celebrating dates at home, virtually, or on the road, we crafted outfits that both suit the occasion and will keep you toasty. (Personally, I'm a big fan of the outfit for hiking dates. Being in the forest surrounded by snow and frost is magical!) Ahead, cold-weather outfits that are ready for every chick-flick-approved date idea.

Dinner Out

For dinners out, here's an outfit that combines comfort with dressy. The silk top adds an elegant sheen on top while black high-waisted jeans give off a more polished (but still casual) vibe than sweatpants. Throw on gold dangly earrings, a pearl-handle blue bag, and croc-embossed cowhide booties for those elevated accessory touches. Since it's winter, a statement coat is a must-like this '60s-inspired cozy fleece featuring faux leather trimming.

Stay-at-Home Cozy

If you and your partner are doing date night at home, keep things fun and flirty in a pink romper with fuzzy sandals. Since you won't be stepping foot outdoors in the cold, you can show skin more liberally. After dinner, take things up a notch from cute to sexy with lacy lingerie pieces.

Road Trip Time

If the date involves a long drive to your destination with some scenic photo ops along the way, you'll want to dress for comfort and the weather. Since you'll be in the car most of the time, leggings and furry shoes are a must. Tip: You can wear crop tops in the winter-just style it with a warm chunky knit cardigan and throw on another layer of outerwear for those pit stops at the gas station.

Outdoor Adventure

For the outdoorsy couple, a good hike in the morning or afternoon is the perfect date activity. Make sure you're bundled up for the trail by piling on the necessary layers like a top, a shirt jacket, and then your outerwear. The benefit of this date look is that you don't have to be too dressy.

Virtual Date Night

Whether you're in an LDR and doing a Zoom date night or having a FaceTime date with that person you met on Hinge, it's all about styling your outfit from the waist up. Since the camera will be aimed at your upper half, slip into that sexy one-shoulder sparkly top with statement earrings. A swipe of your favorite lipstick completes your on-camera-ready look. For the bottom, keep it cozy and comfy with leggings and socks.

Winter Activity Date

Your date is taking you up to the mountains. You'll definitely need a good pair of waterproof boots, pants, and jacket (that is if you plan to ski or snowboard). The outfit still works, however, if it's more like an après ski situation, minus the ski, since you'll be able to show off your cute fair isle sweater underneath the jacket.

Dressy at Home

While your partner is busy whipping up something delicious in the kitchen for your candlelight dinner, slip into the bedroom to quickly change into a slightly dressier ensemble than the pajamas you've been wearing all day. This body-hugging dress with a cutout on the front is sexy, but not overly done. After dinner, change into a finale piece your SO won't be able to forget.