Giambattista Valli will turn anyone that thinks romance is dead into a true believer. Tulle, flower petals, and pastel colors give new life to dresses in the designer's Haute Couture Spring/Summer 2021 collection with an idealist flavor that only Valli could imagine. The heritage of his Maison is present this season in all its magnificence: wide skirts, hand-knitted ruffles, and extravagant sleeves are accompanied by bows and feathers with a sentimental flavor. The designer's intent for the collection was to invite the public into a moment of introspection by reflecting on the importance of simple gestures. In Valli's digital fashion show, a dancer represents the divine messenger who descends from Olympus to Earth to infuse the spirits with wisdom, goodness, and elegance. Admiration and amazement fills the viewer as the clothes follow one after the other harmonizing with each other and lulling us with their fairytale figures on an imaginary journey. The designer seems to want to shout to the world that the world should learn to dream, dare, and sometimes exaggerate-Vallis is faithful to the idea that fashion should not only be beautiful but also teach ethics.










Fluffy dresses, '60s-style backcombed hair, and bold makeup: the models are not only models but become actresses and tell the story of a utopian culture, an imaginary Andalusia made of beauty and peace. Would it be so wrong to get lost in the collection for a few minutes? Between cloisters with an ancient flavor and clothes with an artistic touch?