Before your next day in the sun, be sure to wear something that complements your body type-trust us here: No two guys will wear a suit the same way. Whether you’re on the thin side, have a more athletic build, or are somewhere in between, use this guide to find the pair that's best suited for you.

Tall guys

Lean men who are 6’1” or over should go for swim shorts that land right above the knee. Shorter shorts will make your legs look too long, so these board shorts will help keep things in proportion, drawing attention away from your height.

Short guys

Mid-thigh is the ideal length for guys who stand at 5’8” and under. The shorter inseam makes your legs look longer. Opting for a boxy-fit pair with a fun pattern will also add to the illusion of height.

Athletic guys

Now’s the time to show off that bod, so don’t be afraid of a fit that’s shorter and tighter. A more revealing fit requires a healthy dose of confidence, but how else are you going to show proof of all those hours logged in at the gym?

Average guys

Guys who fall somewhere in between buff and “more to love” should look for a pair of shorts that feature a narrower cut and a shorter leg. A wide, adjustable waistline is ideal for hiding any hint of love handles.

Stocky guys

Just because your abs aren’t beach-ready doesn't mean you should avoid some fun in the sun. If your legs are in good shape, go for a boxy, mid-thigh fit. You can also choose something slightly longer for more coverup. Either way, avoid anything too bright and loud.

Thin guys

Shorter shorts (think around a 6-in. inseam) are the way to go here; otherwise you’ll look like you’re swimming (pun intended) in a pair of oversized trunks. Also, a bold or busy print will work in your favor by creating an illusion of bulk—in a good way.