From embracing a new skincare routine to banishing brassy locks - we have the answers from the experts to this year's biggest beauty news.

Here Sun Woman's LAUREN NAYLOR speaks to the industry insiders for top tips and trends to make certain 2011 is YOUR year to look beautiful.


LOOKING forward to spring, we can expect a sprinkling of punchy purples, scorching oranges and Texan inspired hues.

Nail supremo Leighton Denny says: "Orange and rich berry shades will be everywhere."

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IN 2010 we saw bald, bleached and barely-there brows, thankfully this year natural is the order of the day.

Shavata, brow guru to the stars, says: "For me women should make 2011 the year for getting their brows right.

"Your brows should frame your face, they should always be a couple of shades darker than your natural hair colour, this will bring out the colour of your eyes and draw attention to them.

"It is also crucial that you get the right shape for your face, your natural shape. You should never go against that shape but enhance it, tidying it up but not drastically changing it."

Use natural light and good quality stainless steel tweezers to pluck a little at a time from between and underneath your brows - never above!

Shavata adds: "For best results visit a professional like one of my therapists ( for an initial shaping and then follow this shape little by little on a daily basis for maintenance."


WE all know porridge is good for the tum and this year OATS are set to be big business in the beauty world.

Sally Penford, education manager at the International Dermal Institute, says: "My top ingredient, particularly for the winter months, is beta-glucan - a natural polysaccharide sugar derived from oats.

"I use a mask with a high five per cent strength twice a week. It soothes irritated skin, stimulates the immune system, enhances moisture barrier properties, stimulates cell renewal and scavenges free radicals that cause premature ageing. Basically it leaves skin feeling like it is cushioned with silk!"

Sally adds: "My number one product recommendation for all is a daylight defence sunscreen.

"Every moment we are exposed to daylight (not just direct sunlight) adds up and is stored by the skin and five or ten years down the line we look in the mirror and wonder what has happened.

"UV is damaging your skin ALL year round so application of this precious product MUST be daily.

"When choosing a sun protection cream, look for products which are designed to not only block UV but treat your personal skin condition.

"This way you can use a matt block for oily skins, an ultra rich formula for the dry among us and an ultra sensitive product for those who flush."

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