When it comes to high-impact hair colors, nothing beats red. Whether entirely subtle and soft or totally bold and vibrant, red hair colors are attention-grabbing and awesome. If you’ve ever thought about going red, now’s certainly the time. The color is hotter than ever and completely on-trend.

Best of all, anyone can become a redhead and look great. All it takes is finding the right shade for your complexion and style. Luckily, we can help with that. So, if you’re ready to grab some attention and turn some heads, here are the hottest red hair color ideas to try today.

1. Wine Red Hair Color

Red wine hair color has long been a popular trend for a good reason. Rocking a dark and rich shade of red with subtle hints of purple creates a dramatic look that goes perfectly with a little black dress.

2. Violet Red Hair Colour

Violet red is an exotic shade that blends red and purple together. The rich hue, which is highly fashionable and suits ladies who love a little attention, appears especially lovely when paired with a dark complexion and dark eyes.

3. Strawberry Red Hair Color

Strawberry locks look particularly beautiful on ladies with light skin with pink undertones. The hue is a natural and warm shade of red with plenty of life.

4. Ruby Red Hair Color

Inspired by the gemstone of the same name, ruby red hair boasts an intense and radiant shade of red. The dramatic hue appears particularly striking when paired with pale and porcelain complexions with light blue or green eyes.

5. Rose Gold Hair Color

Rose gold is one of the most popular hair colors of the moment. The unique shade is a mixture of copper and pink and can be adjusted to be either intense or subtle. Although the hue is most wearable for ladies with naturally light hair shades, those with darker locks can embrace the color with a chocolate rose gold.

6. Red Velvet Hair Color

Red velvet hair shades, which received their name from the cupcake of the same color, are rich and intense with cool undertones. The bold and trendy look suits dark or olive complexions with cool undertones and brown, icy blue, or emerald green eyes.

7. Red Hair with Blonde Highlights

Opting for blonde highlights is an excellent way to soften the impact of red hair. For light shades of red, choose creamy blonde highlights and for darker reds, select golden highlights.

8. Red Copper Hair Color

Red copper is a rich and intense blend of red and orange/brown. The color suits fair and medium complexions with peach or golden undertones and blue, green, or hazel eyes.

9. Red Brown Hair Color

Blended hair colors are one of the top hair trends, and red-brown is amongst them. The chic color, which can be similar to auburn but often richer, is ideal for light and mousy brunettes wanting to try a red hue.

10. Medium Auburn Hair Color

Slightly darker than light auburn, medium auburn combines mid-golden-red shades with mid-brown tones. The color looks particularly striking on those with fair or porcelain complexions and blue, green, or warm brown eyes.

11. Maroon Hair Color

Maroon hair colors are made up of a combination of dark brown and rich red or crimson. As such, ladies with medium, dark or olive skin tones should consider rocking this shade of red for a chic look.

12. Mahogany Hair Color

A dark, rich, red-brown hue, mahogany is a lovely choice for ladies with fair or medium complexions and cool undertones. The striking colour is equally bold and elegant and is ideal for creating a luxurious look.

13. Magenta Hair Color

Magenta hair colors, which feature a deep blend of purple and red, can be quite vibrant and statement-making. Ideal for bold personalities, the shade is most attractive when worn on medium or dark complexions with dark eyes. If you have a different skin tone or prefer a softer look, consider rocking magenta highlights instead.

14. Light Auburn Hair Color

Light auburn hair blends a light golden-red tone with a soft brown hue. It is a gorgeous shade that suits creamy, peachy, and golden complexions with blue, green, or warm brown eyes.

15. Golden Copper Hair Color

Golden copper is a sunshine-filled shade. The hue is warm and spicy and blends dark, golden blonde with a light and bright red. It is ideal for complexions that are porcelain, peach, golden or neutral with blue, green, hazel, or warm brown eyes.

16. Ginger Red Hair Color

Ginger red hair is perfect for ladies who prefer a natural-looking red hue that’s just a touch bold. Slightly hotter than your typical ginger, the color is a medium red-brown tone with a hint of spice. The warm shade is ideal for those with fair skin and green or brown eyes.’

17. Ginger Hair Color

Ginger is a warm and spicy shade of red. It also tends to be quite light and natural in appearance with a slight touch of warm brown. While many natural redheads boast this tone, the color can also look great on anyone with a fair complexion and cool undertones.

18. Dark Burgundy Hair Color

If you have naturally dark brown or black hair, changing to a dark burgundy hue can be a great option. The decadent color can look fantastic and easily offer a new fashionable edge to your look.

19. Dark Brown Red Hair Color

Dark brown-red hair can be a fantastic option and provide a lovely look for many ladies. The shade is especially ideal for those who are naturally dark brunettes and are seeking to go red for the first time.

20. Dark Auburn Hair Color

Dark auburn hair combines deep golden red with rich, warm brown. As such, the elegant and intense color is ideal for women with warm or neutral skin tones and blue, green, warm brown, or hazel eyes.

21. Copper Hair Color

Copper is a fiery red tone filled with plenty of warmth. The hue is perfect for ladies with fair or golden skin and green, brown, or hazel eyes. If you’re not quite ready to go completely copper, you can consider trying copper highlights instead.

22. Cherry Hair Color

Cherry is a gorgeous and striking hair color that features a touch of blue/brown. The bold tone appears the most flattering when paired with medium or dark skin tones with brown eyes.

23. Cherry Brown Hair Color

Cherry brown hair colors contain a beautiful blend of rose red and intense brown. As such, the cool and dark hue is best suited to medium and dark complexions with cool undertones and brown eyes.

24. Cherry Black Hair Color

Cherry black is a rich and dark color that blends blue/black with a deep cherry red. The hue appears especially lovely on darker skin tones and ladies with cool brown eyes.

25. Burgundy Hair Color

An intense and eye-catching hair color, Burgundy is a dark shade of red with a hint of purple. The gorgeous hue is perfect for those with medium or dark complexions, including olive skin tones, and brown or icy blue eyes.

26. Bright Red Hair Color

Bright and intense shades of red are not for the faint-hearted. The high-impact hair color draws a lot of attention and often becomes a lady’s main feature. Although the hue is stunning when first received, you should be aware that it will take constant maintenance to keep it looking its best.

27. Bright Copper Hair Color

Bright copper is a warm red color that packs a punch. Not for the meek, this vivid and bold shade is sure to get you noticed. Rock the hue if your complexion is fair, peachy or golden and your eyes are green or hazel.

28. Blue Red Hair Color

Blue-red hair color is a shade of red with blue undertones. Although you can’t see any blue, it serves as a base to make the red a richer color. The hue also appears much cooler in tone than typical orange-based reds.

29. Aubergine Red Hair Color

Aubergine red hair features a unique shade that can appear quite dramatic. The color is essentially a dark eggplant red hue and best suits ladies with cool skin tones and blue or green eyes. Remember to be careful of this shade if you have a warm complexion with golden undertones as the combination can be quite unflattering.

30. Amber Red Hair Color

Golden orange blends with hints of red and brown to create amber red hair colors. While the warm hue suits fair skin tones with warm undertones particularly well, it can partner perfectly with any eye color.