As the entire world stays indoors to help flatten the curve, the biggest stars on the planet are doing the same. While a lot of us are spending our time in pajamas and loungewear, it’s an excellent opportunity to test some of the cute and comfy outfits that we’ve wanted to wear for ages.

If you require inspiration for your next quarantine selfie or you just want to up your isolation outfit game, be sure to check out these gorgeous ensembles. From an oversized hoodie to the hottest designer bag and shoes, here is what celebrities are wearing at home.

Kylie Jenner

The queen of Instagram herself is spending her time indoors in comfortable loungewear and sweats, and she makes it look so good. With her hair slicked back in a tight bun and a killer eyeliner game, she is ready for a Zoom meeting or a great series of selfies.

Try this at home by wearing a dark oversized hoodie and matching tracksuit pants – add some chunky sneakers to the mix if you’re thinking of taking a trip to your backyard or balcony. This is an effortless and seriously comfy way to spend your time indoors, and it looks lovely on everyone.

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Chiara Ferragni

This Italian beauty makes isolation look so easy! Rocking her self-designed tracksuit in baby pink puts a fresh and feminine twist on the classic athleisure, and it’s comfy enough to wear daily. Combining it with a simple cropped white t-shirt and a slinky chain is an excellent option for a sophisticated finish.

Pull your hair into a messy bun and add some light makeup to complete the look. Extra points go to those who eat pizza while in isolation – you may as well look this stunning while you’re doing it!

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Olivia Palermo

Snuggle up on the couch and enjoy the good things in life like Olivia Palermo. At home, she’s rugged up in wool loungewear and looks so good while she’s at it. With a combination of soft pajamas and heels, she certainly knows how to make the most of her wardrobe.

Try out a monochrome outfit in a cool gray or light charcoal, and complete the look with a pair of sleek stilettos. You’ll be ready for a photoshoot or two in your living room with a getup this stunning.

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Lea Michele

This singing superstar knows how to rock isolation style – just look to her Instagram for proof. She wears her oversized white turtleneck with a pair of black leggings, which is both comfortable and effortlessly stylish. It’s the best outfit choice for lounging around the house or joining a meeting for work – no matter the occasion, this cute ensemble is perfect for everyone.

In the colder months, this knitwear will keep you feeling snug while looking oh-so-stylish. To complete the look, take a leaf out of Lea’s book and add some chunky white socks – bonus points for getting your mom to wear the same outfit!

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Zooey Deschanel

Combine vintage staying with a modern touch like Zooey Deschanel while staying in quarantine. She is rocking a gorgeous patterned jumpsuit, which looks comfy enough to lounge around in all day. The blue and white color combination compliments her eyeshade and is effortlessly stunning.

This is the best outfit to rock while catching up on your new favorite book or listening to a classic record. With an ensemble this stunning, the gorgeous actress and singer makes isolation look so easy.

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Shay Mitchell

Shay’s making the most of her time at home by lounging around with her baby, and she certainly makes it look easy. This superstar rocks slinky tracksuits with her hair in a big messy bun, complete in a monochrome shade of navy blue. This outfit is easy to move around in and works perfectly if you’re working from home or completing an online yoga class.

Style this look with a chunky gold chain and a baby pink scrunchie for an effortless and stylish finish. The actress is inspiring us with her fashion choices, even while in isolation!

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Rosie Huntington-Whitley

The supermodel takes many things seriously, one of which is her fantastic style while in quarantine. Rocking an oversized silky sleep shirt, she is pulling off the look with a large chain necklace and her hair in a ballet-style bun. Opt for an outfit with large sleeves and a soft touch, so you can feel comfortable without sacrificing on style.

The all-white look is ultra-stylish and thoroughly modern – complete with a tortoiseshell clip in her locks. Rosie avoids makeup and looks beyond beautiful – if you’re self-isolating, you want to feel free!

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Khloe Kardashian

This Instagram star and mom certainly looks comfy while in isolation, thanks to her soft knitwear. She and her daughter True make the perfect pair in their teddy fabric gowns and pajama pants in a light shade.

This ensemble is comfy enough to wear all day and perfect for those cozy winter evenings. Choose from a pale color or try mixing and matching hues that suit you. You’ll be ready to face the day and take some cute pictures for Insta in a getup this stylish!

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Emily Ratajkowski

Take it easy like Emily Ratajkowski in this stylish and comfy outfit. A simple light-knit rollneck and tracksuit pants are this model needs to stay cozy while relaxing in quarantine, and she looks so good while doing it. Whether you’re chilling on the bed or making yourself a delicious meal, you can ensure pure luxury while wearing this getup.

Ensure you rock a pair of pants that are a couple of sizes larger so you can feel cozy around the house, and the crop top adds a high fashion spin to the loungewear – abs optional.

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Ashley Tisdale

Sometimes you need to get dressed up even if you have nowhere to go, just like Ashley Tisdale. This gorgeous actress rocks a pair of flared jeans in a dark color and an orange sweater, which is the best combination of stylish and comfy.

Add some extra fun to your outfit by wearing something with a bold pattern – it’s sure to brighten your day, even if you’re stuck inside. While in a fun ensemble like this, ensure you take plenty of selfies just like this stunning superstar.

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