The colder months promise the opportunity to wear an obscene amount of comfy sweaters, break out the parkas hidden under your bed, drink peppermint mochas galore (the supreme holiday drink), and listen to an unhealthy amount of Christmas music. It also means borderline-Sahara-desert dry skin, wintery nail polish, and a whole new list of makeup trends. Yes, despite the fact we may not be seeing each other IRL much these days, the beauty gods have still blessed us with some new ideas we're itching to replicate.

The thought of sitting in front of your mirror with your old faithful products may seem daunting-especially this year-but the best thing about beauty is its ability to make you go from 0 to 100 in a matter of seconds (okay, maybe minutes). Call me vain, but there's something about a bold lip or an out-there eyeliner that just makes me feel a certain way!

While we still have fan favorites like glossy red lips and rosy cheeks to look forward to this winter, there's a whole bunch of new styles to behold. Ahead, check out our favorite winter 2020 beauty trends and products to help you get going.

'60s-Inspired Eyeliner