Bela Padilla may be known as one of the faces of hugot or sawi movies, but aside from her acting chops, wit, and beauty, the 29-year-old actress has also proven to have impeccable style game.

Unbeknownst to many is the fact that Bela actually has a well-stocked collection of designer shoes that range from everyday sandals to more formal footwear like heels and booties. Below, we round up some of her best pieces to date. You’ll be surprised by her eye for unique shoes!

1. Bottega Veneta Padded Sandals

You’ve probably seen this pair on the sawi queen when we showed you the most popular pieces from Bottega Veneta, but it’s worth mentioning again! Like a true, on-trend fashionista, Bela got her hands on shoes from the It brand, but instead of the usual square-toed mules, Bela opted for the bold yet discreet Padded Sandals—a great choice for those who want something subtler than the woven Lido ones. With its cushy covering, Bela proves that it’s also perfect for WFH days!

2. Gucci Rubber Slide Heeled Sandals

Rubber slides may not be for everyone, but Bela makes quite the stylish case for them. On what seems to be an “urban jungle” adventure, she wears a pair of patent rubber slides from Gucci in a lovely robin’s egg blue hue. Aside from it’s posh color, what’s great about this design is that it has two-inch heels—just the perfect height for walking around the city or hanging out by the pool.

3. Fendi Promenade Flatform Sandals

“The test of a true Italian is [when one] can traverse Rome's infamously hazardous cobbled streets in these Promenade flatform sandals,” reads the official description of this Fendi shoe on Farfetch. Well, it looks like Bela took this to heart, albeit the Manila way. She braved stoned streets while wearing these sky-high flatforms that are a fun take on logomania. Just check out that iconic FF logo reminiscent of the early 2000s, as well as the fabulous tortoiseshell print! We never thought we’d say this but… now we want to try out flatforms, too. #sorrynotsorry

4. Balenciaga Track Sandals

ICYMI, dad sandals are back and Bela didn’t think twice about embracing the trend. She even wore them with actual socks, and it couldn’t get more on point than that! She brings these Balenciaga sandals into 2020 by elevating it with a mix of casual, feminine pieces, like the leopard print skirt and cropped top. If you think about it, this look’s pretty ingenious because you could easily switch out the sandals for heels come nighttime. Thanks for the tip, Bela!

5. Celine Ankle Boots

FYI, Bela is obsessed with boots. (Remember when she braved the winter cold in nothing but a maillot and snow boots?) She also has a thing for ankle boots, so we weren’t surprised when she copped a beige pair from Celine. Featuring a round toe and gold hardware, these boots are a hybrid of cowboy boots and booties. They look especially great with shorter hemlines, and Bela made sure to apply that! We also love how she incorporated more beige hues into her look.

6. Tory Burch Miller Boots

We told you she’s obsessed with boots! We can’t blame her, though. Boots lend a ton of attitude to any outfit, and they’re especially practical for keeping warm when you’re traveling. On a trip to Japan, Bela brought what appears to be the Miller boots from Tory Burch, which feature a lugged sole and lace-up front. What makes this pair so chic are the block heels and gold hardware. These looked amazing with her chain bag!

7. Hermes Oran Sandals

Is it just us or are Oran Sandals suddenly becoming a thing again? We recently spotted Kathryn Bernardo and Sarah Lahbati wearing black pairs of the classic Hermès shoes. Well, it looks like Bela got her paws on a pair, too, but in white! With the design’s iconic H-shaped design crafted with leather, Bela has been utilizing its summery appeal by donning fresh white frocks. Instead of blending in, we’d say the all-white trick made her shoes pop even more. They’re casual outfits that are so refreshing to look at!