Surrounded by a maze of neon-lined mirrors, Fendi Men's Fall/Winter 2021 collection poses the same question as the title of the Not Waving song (a remix of a voicemail left by Silvia Venturini Fendi) playing throughout the show: "What Is Normal Today?" For 10 months, the world has been under the constant siege of a "new normal," implying that anything can become "normal" under the right circumstances. To test that theory, Fendi looks to an outside contributor for help.

The collection employs technicolor imagery from London's underground club scene, the original stomping grounds for British comedian Noel Fielding, Fendi's artistic collaborator of choice for this season's menswear pieces. Known for his kaleidoscopic works, Fielding's more outlandish styles pairs well with Fendi's more classic elegance, resulting in a restorative collection that boasts a youthful appeal.

Several of the pieces are multipurpose-reversible jackets, quilted pajamas for outdoor use, cable knit jumpsuits, etc. The accessories line offers staple pieces in a range of luxurious colors and materials (including some imprinted with Fielding's artistic stamp). By incorporating these utile details, the collection fuses the functionality of technology with the impracticality of fashion, reveling in the contradictions of the "new normal."