Lapping the arched walkways of the Palazzo della Civiltà Italiana in Rome, Italy, models showcase the crisp lines and sharp silhouettes of Fendi Men's Spring/Summer 2022 collection. In her signature style, Silvia Venturi Fendi conveys an elegance and modernity grounded in a modicum of minimalism-a veritable example of true Italian fashion.

In a collection of muted spring pastels, earthy nudes, hints of neons, and black, the collection honors the dusty tones of the city's landscape. Standing at the height of the Spanish Steps in the Italian capital, one can look out at the city's horizon and take in the Greco-Roman architecture against the sun's ambush as each building juxtaposes elements of modern life: bustling automobiles, iPhone-wielding tourists, neon storefronts, etc. The designer blends the dichotomy of eras blends into one singular vision by imbuing the conceptual image onto all 45 looks in the collection.

An array of cropped blazers and tops contrast more loose-fitting garments to create a level of depth that exemplifies the rise and fall of Rome's cityscape. Cropped cargo shorts are featured throughout the show, feeding the trend of rising hemlines in men's fashion while also implementing the brand's typical utilitarian elements.