Industrial designer Marc Newson has teamed up with Louis Vuitton once again to create a new line of luggage, this time a soft version made of a knit outer shell featuring Marc Newson’s interpretation of LV’s signature monogram. No need to fear though, because the knit is fully fashioned in a technical yarn that provides elasticity and is water-repellent, preventing the case itself, as well as the goods inside, from wear and tear and the world’s harsh elements. Weighing a mere 2.9 kilos, the cases are lightweight and perfect for fashion lovers on the go.

Similar to Newson’s last collaboration with LV, the cases come in a variety of colors, including trendy shades of highlighter yellow and orange, understated black and grey and of course the classic Louis Vuitton brown monogram color combo. Along with the duffle bags, which seem to be center of the collection, Newson’s designs also feature a four wheel trolley suitcase more suitable for checked baggage.

Following the design of Louis Vuitton’s iconic and timeless trunks, Newson’s suitcases feature cowhide-wrapped cane handles, proving that while the fashion house is moving into a new era of more contemporary and even futuristic designs, there is no loss in attention to detail, and the classic Louis Vuitton we know and love isn’t going anywhere. Check out the full collection below!