The Football Worldcup is hosted by 9 cities (Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban...) in 10 different stadiums. Some of the stadiums had been built brand new like the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium.

FOOTBALL INSIGHT by publisher Karin Sawetz June 2010 - Fashion - Sportswear

By searching the Fifa Worldcup website for more information, non-football addicted fashion journalists like I am are experiencing why sport and fashion journalism are two different professions. This happens at least at the second paragraph of the description of the Nelson Mandela Bay Stadium: "...will host the match for third place, and a quarter-final amid a total of eight matches during the FIFA World Cup."

I can imagine what the passage about the matches means - but it does not interest me. What really interests me, is that sports like football have gained what politicians work hard on: a worldwide consensus of following the same rules. The meeting of athletes from all parts of the world in South Africa is for me as a non-football addicted fashion journalist - beside edgy designs with Cristiano Ronaldo as a presenter, a signal of a world society that practises 'Fair Play'.