Gold is the hottest color of the season. After being used by big brands like Schiaparelli in their maximalist accessories, now it's time to find more "simple" versions for every day. After all, it seems that "Golden" isn't just a hit song by Harry Styles. The color of the moment has been gaining traction in the new season and taking over the Instagram feed of It Girls and international influencers.

Given the various styles and trends of the moment, color is a wild card, bringing femininity and power to any look. A few tips can help you start using this color right.

Minimalist Accessories

Small accessories can be a good start on your walk to the decadent luxury of gold. Delicate and romantic pieces with some light points or even a mix of silver can help you in the process of adding gold to your looks.


Minimalist, basic, and error-free-a good, initial accessory that can complement any outfit, from a day at the beach to a luxurious wedding, is earrings. Investing in key pieces with a simple design that can be used for any occasion is the styling secret that every It Girl keeps up her sleeve.


By creating layers and texture, gold chains can add a cool, laid-back touch to your outfit. Dual trend alert! It's smart to use jewelry as a focal point for a basic look.