A few years ago, the K-beauty boom brought with it a host of new routines, products, brands, and even ingredients. Among them is one that revolutionizes the way even the most sensitive, dry, and redness-prone skin should be cared for and protected. Gotu kola, also known as Asian grass or tiger grass, is the newest skincare ingredient that you need to know.

The small plant contains substances that, after extraction, hydrate and protect the skin, the benefits of which have been used in South Korea by numerous local brands, which have included it as a main component in their very popular scar creams. In fact, its use in Eastern medicine dates back several decades. For years, this ingredient has been a major component within Asian cuisines, as well as in traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine for its regenerative powers to treat wounds.


Several studies show that gotu kola extract accelerates the healing process of wounds and burns. Being a powerful antioxidant and a great source of amino acids, vitamins, and fatty acids, together they stimulate the production of collagen, necessary to reconnect the broken tissues generated in an injury. It also helps minimize the appearance of dark spots and fine lines and fights premature aging by reinforcing the skin's protective barriers against free radicals, pollution, and sun damage.

In addition, its properties soothe and repair irritated and inflamed dermis, which especially favors sensitive skin prone to redness and acne. As if that were not enough, it improves moisture levels in the upper layer of skin tissue and prevents water loss, increases circulation and blood flow, unifies and gives luminosity to the skin, and helps cell repair.


Upon discovering all the soothing and antibacterial benefits found within this green herb, several brands put it on their radar such as Dr. Jart +, a Korean beauty firm that launched Cicapair Tiger Grass, a gotu kola-based line of products. Other skincare companies like Paula's Choice, Kiehl’s, Bioderma, Lancôme, and more soon followed soon. To take full advantage of its benefits, look for products designed to be left on the skin so the healing properties have time to fully take effect.