Hailey Bieber has one of the most admired styles, along with the new generation of influencers and models that have conquered fashion in recent years. The beauty is not afraid to take risks with daring pieces, bringing an extra dose of sensuality to her looks, whether it's for an everyday look or a formal look.

Among a slew of new productions, Bieber has showcased a daring styling trick perfect for spring nights, to her 37 million Instagram followers, the pantless blazer.

Bieber is seen wearing a masculine-touch velvet tuxedo by Saint Laurent, Prada loafers, white socks, and black sunglasses-nothing else added. For another look, she exchanged her shoes for chic shiny boots, also by Saint Laurent.

To make the look viable and just like Bieber's, the blazer must be oversized and long not to reveal too much. Other celebrities like Blake Lively, Kendall Jenner, and Bella Hadid are also seen wearing this fashion trend. See below all the ways Bieber wore the pantsless blazer.