Blake Lively is in a class by herself. As a performer, Lively distinguished herself early with parts in teen classics like The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants and Gossip Girl, but her real impact goes beyond acting. Lively, who turns 34 today, has become one of the most emulated women in the world when it comes to fashion. Her red carpet style is crowd-pleasing, and she uses clothing to accentuate her assets. A fan of French luxury mainstays (Chanel and Dior) and classic American sportswear (Michael Kors and Ralph Lauren), Lively has an eclectic wardrobe boasting a variety of designers and themes united in their sultriness. Fans who were first captivated by Serena van der Woodsen’s uncomplicated boho style may find themselves disappointed, though the sheer amount of eye-catching fashion that Lively has been able to experiment with in real life over the years makes up for it.

While her characters tend to influence her choices for premieres-who can forget the myriad of tuxedos she pulled out for her A Simple Favor press tour-Lively is at her best when she embraces her inner bombshell. Blessed with the ability to add sweetness to the slinkiest designer fare and much-needed sex appeal to demure looks, she consistently makes a splash when she ventures out. Who else could emerge from their post-pregnancy break wearing vampy velvet Dolce & Gabbana? In January at the premiere for her action-thriller The Rhythm Section, Lively did just that and in thigh high leather boots, no less. Few can truly pull off a liquid metal Versace mini-dress, and yet when she arrived at the brand’s Manhattan pre-fall 2019 show in a halter neck version of the look, Lively was utterly in her element.

The sexiness that Lively radiates isn’t just about dresses that show off her famous figure or show-stopping accessories; she brings confidence and ease to each outfit. She may love a plunging v-neck or thigh-baring slit, but her fashions are never merely about being provocative. Instead, she owns her sexiness and wears what she loves regardless of the moment’s trends. As an actress, producer, occasional blogger, and mom, Lively has figured out what works for her and that carries over into her wardrobe. A look back at her all-time greatest outfits reveals the power of an arresting gown and how to dress to ensure all eyes are on you.