Even in the summer heat, cowboy boots have been making the rounds as this season's trendiest footwear option. From Kendall Jenner to Dua Lipa, the leather shoe seems to be all over our Instagram pages. The latest reinterpretation of Western footwear makes them a surprising addition to bikini outfits, but cowboy boots have been worn outside of the ranch for decades.

All-American brand Ralph Lauren first made cowboy boots fashionable on the runways in 1979, paired with natural Western accompaniments such as jeans and cowboy hats. Then, fashion icon Princess Diana started wearing the boots tucked into sweatpants and jeans. The Alexander McQueen-designed Givenchy Spring/Summer 1998 went outside the box with cutout boots paired with fringe dresses. Since then, the boots have rotated in and out of style, making a comeback with Calvin Klein and Celine's Fall/Winter 2017 collections.

The popularity of Lil Nas X's country-rap hit "Old Town Road" brought forth a surge of nostalgia for cowboy style, with the Grammy-awarded artist wearing Western boots at the red carpet. In recent years, Instagram stars have used the funky footwear to add an unconventional pop of Western style to their outfits.

Here, take a look at how the cowboy boot has evolved over the years.