I think it's fair to say that most of us had given up on fancy lip looks over the past year. I mean, what was the point when a mask ended up covering everything anyway? Well, now things are starting to loosen up. Masks aren't always necessary outdoors, or even inside with small gatherings of vaccinated individuals. That means it's time to bust out the old lipstick tubes and bold colors.

Or, perhaps, you'd like to ease back in with a more muted tone. Alina Silivanova, a Lithuanian makeup artist, tells us how to lower the volume on some of our louder looks. How can this be done with just a bit of powder and a napkin?

"This effect is extremely charming and the lips do not look too dry, unlike some cases with long-lasting lipsticks," explains Silivanova. "After coloring the lips, dry them with a napkin. Hold the napkin to the lips for a greater effect and tap them with dry powder. The napkin will serve as a filter."

Any setting powder should work to achieve this look. Simply load a small amount on a fluffy brush and get to tapping, as Silivanova suggests. Placing the napkin between your lips and the brush helps to avoid going in too heavy with the powder.

"Additionally, you can gently powder the lips with blush," suggests Silivanova. "If the process sounds complicated, powder lipstick comes to the rescue. The brand Mac Cosmetics has these, but I still recommend pressing with a napkin."