Just over two weeks into 2021, the new year celebrations and gatherings have finally come to a definitive end (and the holiday candy is all gone). While many people resoluted to prioritize wellness this year by going to the gym or eating healthier, if you're still feeling sluggish after the copious amounts of food and drink from the holidays, rather than a restrictive diet, try making simple changes in your daily routine. Here is L'OFFICIEL's our four-point prescription for a healthier and frustration-free year.

Prepare a detox juice on an empty stomach.

Before starting the day, nothing like a beauty and well-being elixir that activates the body. To do this, we choose fresh, seasonal foods that are proven to stimulate the body's metabolism and immune system. Try this recipe:

- 1/2 seeded pomegranate (or 1 whole pomegranate if you want a juice with a sweeter flavor)
- 1 carrot
- juice of one lemon
- Ginger (dose according to your preference)


Add all the ingredients to your blender. Stir everything until you get an even mixture. Pour your detox juice into a glass and enjoy.

Drink water.


Other than it being vital to life, water also allows for the elimination of toxins in the body. Drinking at least 2 liters of water a day aids the cell renewal process, thus promoting blood circulation and good exchanges in the body. If you prefer something with a bit more taste, opt for flavoring add-ins without added sugars or preservatives, like these Clean capsules. These small, sugar-free cubes dissolve in water, combining fruits, vitamins, and natural flavors in one delicious drink.

Treat yourself to a lymphatic drainage massage.

In addition to strengthening your immune system, a lymphatic drainage massage relieves sore legs, fights cellulite, facilitates sleep, and decreases bloating. To drain your body of built up lymph fluid, the masseuse targets areas your lymph nodes, thus activating the body's elimination and digestion system. The treatment is ideal for a total body reset and getting rid of any toxins or other cellular debris collected during those end of year celebrations.

Participate in "Dry January."

Having become a real viral phenomenon in a few years, "Dry January" continues to gain followers each year. Though challenging yourself to a month of sobriety to start a new year may seem difficult, the results are ultimately worth it. Benefits include sublimated and plumped skin (the dehydrating effects of alcohol being particularly harmful to the skin), energy boost, improved sleep, and even weight loss (since alcoholic drinks are known to be high in empty calories). While January is already in full-swing, it's never too late to slow down and reset your body.