Lisa Goodman wants you to think about Botox differently. "Instead of using Botox for wrinkles, use Botox for lift," she tells L'OFFICIEL.

Goodman founded GoodSkin after a decade of working for the most in-demand dermatologists in Hollywood. “We would see every celebrity,” she says. “But people weren’t looking better over time.” Goodman had the opportunity to shadow a plastic surgeon in Paris, and there she was exposed to European methodology and aesthetics. She knew immediately that she had to bring these newly-learned techniques stateside, but her employer disagreed. So, Goodman branched out on her own to found GoodSkin, which now has offices in Los Angeles and New York City. Emphasizing diagnostics and an individualized approach combined with rigorous training, Goodman demonstrates to American clients that injectables don’t have to mean a frozen face. By leaving signs of life, Goodman is able to keep clients looking like themselves, but just a little bit better.

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