As one of the most popular signs, Libras are known for embodying style yet maintaining functionality. For warmer days and colder nights, L’OFFICIEL gives you the go-to Fall/Winter 2021 looks Libras are sure to be sporting.

Will it be warm or will it be cold? The constant question we ask Mother Nature and our weather app before stepping out to embrace the end of the summer breeze. It comes as no surprise that Libra is represented by the Scales, the only inanimate symbol on the zodiac chart. Known for being fair and balanced, Libra carefully assesses all options before settling on a decision.

Finding it difficult to commit to just one season or staple, Libras are well-versed in mixing patterns, prints, and layers to create the perfect fall outfit. To account for the varying range of early autumn weather, Libras find comfort in mixing summer silk with cashmere and denim layers.

For Libras making a statement comes with ease. The cool, calm, and collected sign favors comfortability and relaxation without sacrificing style. Idealists at heart, Libras love to romanticize and delight in the joy of others. With a power color of pink, they rarely go unnoticed. Whether it’s a night out on the town or celebrating with others over dinner, Libras feel confident and comfortable sporting various hues of pink and drapey fabrics to create the perfect night-out look.

Libra’s are sure to create an outfit that can account for all aspects of their day. Transition pieces with fashion-forward pieces are an outfit staple, as the sign creates an ever-present conversation without being over-the-top.

Luckily for Libras, there are plenty of impressive fashionistas to look to for wardrobe inspiration. From the red carpet to effortless street style, celebrities like Gwen Stefani, Bruno Mars, Gwyneth Paltrow, Hillary Duff, and Cardi B are all known for embodying what it truly means to dress like a Libra.