Starting on August 23 and concluding on September 22-the same day as the official end of summer-the practical and polished Virgo transitions us into the fall aesthetics we know and love. Ruled by Mercury, the planet of intellect and communication, Virgos are known for their perfectionism and hard work, and their devotion translates into the relationships with those around them. The Earth sign will always show up for their friends, and it should come as no surprise the stubborn sign maintains a closet full of tried and true fashion favorites.

Channel Virgo’s sensible style through structured pieces, such as pleated skirts and tailored silhouettes in classic patterns and muted colors. The mutable sign needs pieces that will be adaptable from year to year, and timeless investment pieces like knee-high boots or a strong coat will provide elegance to every outfit. Vintage fashion is an obvious choice for logical and empathetic Virgos, from retro elements such as midi skirts and opera gloves, to rewearing archival pieces like Virgoan and Euphoria star Zendaya’s recent appearance in vintage Versace.