"Holistic well-being is in the moments you give yourself." This is the mantra of Hana Kana, the new holistic beauty and wellness brand from the South of France. One of her favorite ways of doing just that is by taking the time for a session of facial yoga. Here, she walks L'OFFICIEL through all the steps of the relaxing ritual.

Step 1: Purify the space

Sit in a quiet place and light a purifying incense. Close your eyes as the smoke slowly circulates around you.

Take a deep breath and connect to your sensations, to your body.

Place the incense stick on a dish to let its energy flow during the ritual.

Step 2: Prepare the skin

Using a spritz of flower water, prepare your skin to receive all the benefits of a facial yoga session. To do this, spray the product all over the face and neck or tap with your fingers to tone, cleanse, and refresh the skin.

You can also drink the elixir on an empty stomach to promote spiritual elevation, meditation, serenity, and letting go.

Step 3: Facial Yoga

Gently place your fingers in the hollow of your collarbones and breathe deeply.

Apply face oil all over the face and neck.

Using a Gua Sha, gently massage starting from the inner points of your face and sweeping outward. You can learn about particular areas to massage according to Traditional Chinese Medicine to find the most beneficial routine.