Along with spring, the first, so long-awaited rays of the sun appear, which each of us is in a hurry to enjoy. However, it should be borne in mind that with the advent of spring, more attention needs to be paid to facial skin care and protection.

Facial skin is most affected by environmental factors, so insufficient or irresponsible care can have very unpleasant consequences. Facial skin care experts say that one of the most important tasks during the active sun period is to ensure adequate sun protection.

Effects of the sun on the skin

Intense sunlight negatively affects our skin. UVA rays penetrate deep into the dermis, stimulate the formation of free radicals and accelerate the skin's aging processes (reduced production of hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin fibers). It is a factor that provokes as much as 80% of the visible signs of skin aging and promotes skin pigmentation. UVB rays act on the surface of the skin and give the skin a beautiful tan, stimulate the production of vitamin D, but they can also cause skin burns, inflammation, pigment spots, dry skin and even cancer. As the rays of the spring sun are the most dangerous, it is already very important to take proper care of your facial skin.

Face protection from sunlight

Include in your skin care routine products that contain SPF, a sun protection factor that will neutralize the harmful effects of UV rays on the skin. During the warm period, for daily protection of the facial skin, it is recommended to choose products with at least SPF 20, and actively spending time in nature - SPF 50 protection. A shorter-acting sunscreen is often found in day creams or liquid makeup bases, and for a longer stay outdoors, purchase a separate, longer-acting product for effective facial skin protection.

For those using a liquid makeup base, facial care experts recommend trying the new CLINIQUE Even Better Clinical Serum Foundation SPF 20. The new liquid make-up formula not only easily masks and moisturizes the facial skin, but also protects from the sun's rays and helps to avoid their negative effects.

For women who want stronger and longer sun protection, it is recommended to choose a make-up base with SPF 50. Experts suggest trying IT COSMETICS CC + Cream SPF 50 CC cream, which hides imperfections and provides sun protection. It is very important to emphasize that this tool includes UVA and UVB filters, which will provide a broad spectrum of protection even for the deeper layers of the skin. These products will allow proper care of particularly sensitive facial skin.

Pigment spots

Many women struggle with the appearance of pigment spots, so it is very important to know what measures to use prophylactically to prevent the appearance of new spots. It is also important to stress that summer is not the right time to treat pigmentation as it can only become more pronounced. Skin expert Žydrūnė Miliukaitė states that the appearance of pigmentation is determined by many reasons: UV rays, hormonal imbalance, diseases of internal organs, use of certain medications and aggressive cosmetic procedures.

A facial skin care expert has prepared some tips for summer to help you prevent new blemishes:

1. Sunscreen

It is especially important to protect the face and other exposed areas of the body, as UV rays can invisibly reach unprotected areas of the body and further highlight visible spots. Remember that protective equipment must be chosen according to the type of skin and the nature of the outdoors. For oily skin, the expert advises to choose milk texture products with mineral filters. These products will not irritate, clog pores or leave shine. Cream textured products are recommended to use when makeup is unnecessary and you want to relax the skin. Note that it is also important to use the right amount of product: about 1 teaspoon for each part of the body.

2. Measures with antioxidants

It is essential to have antioxidant supplies in your daily skin care routine. Ž. Miliukaitė states that the latter neutralize about 70% of the damage caused by UV rays and soothe melanin synthesis, brighten the skin. The most well-known antioxidants are green tea, ginkgo, red grape extracts, resveratrol, vitamins A, E, C and others. They can be found in creams and serums, so don't forget to include in your morning facial routine products such as THE ORDINARY Pycnogenol 5% Antioxidant Concentrate or YOU & OIL's Food Shot Antioxidants Complex Cherry-Fig for face and food. You can add this product to cocktails or yogurts and apply it directly on the face - it is perfect for skin that has lost its radiance.

For the summer season, the expert advises to buy facial skin whitening products. You can find such products in the MARTI DERM line, such as the Whitening Mask and Proteos Hydra Plus SPF15 ampoules with proteoglycans, pure vitamin C and SPF 15. These products protect and brighten the skin and help get rid of pigment spots. The use of niacinamide and vitamin C is also recommended as these ingredients brighten the skin and have a strong antioxidant effect. For a hot period, choose a maximum vitamin C concentration of 10% and apply it in the evening.

3. Means for moisturizing the skin

Facial care expert Žydrūnė advises to properly moisturize the facial skin, thus maintaining the integrity of the skin's surface protective barrier, which will help the skin itself to fight aggressive environmental factors. Healthy skin - strong skin! Choose creams that will prevent your skin from dehydrating. The daily PAYOT whitening skin care product "My Payot Jour Gelee" is perfect for you . It is a gel with a gel-like consistency that strongly moisturizes the skin, gives the effect of radiance and natural glow.

Follow these tips and enjoy the sun without any unpleasant consequences! Nourish and maintain bright and youthful even the most sensitive facial skin! Douglas beauty experts will be happy to help you choose the tools you want, who invite you to register for a free one-on-one consultation on the Douglas website. There they will advise and help you choose the most suitable products for your skin and answer your questions.