The high-end of fashion was long the preserve of the country's elite, however.

But that is no longer the case.

As the middle class grows, wages rise, and style becomes more accessible, the Indian market is turning into a place of great opportunity, for both local and international designers.

Lakme Fashion Week, the country's premier fashion event, has now entered its 13th year.

Some 78 designers from across India converged on Mumbai, the country's entertainment and financial capital, to showcase their wears as part of this season's fashion week.

From commercial collections to haute couture, experts say that by and large they put on impressive shows.

Rising popularity

Event organisers say it has, over the years, witnessed a steady rise in attention from international outlets, fashion representatives and buyers.

According to official figures, last year close to 160 buyers registered for the five-day event. This year, that number has risen to some 190.

Of these buyers, 40 represent international firms and brands.

Organisers concede that these are not big figures when compared with the packs of hungry buyers and brand representatives that attend fashion weeks in London, Paris, Milan and New York.

But when it comes to an emerging market such as India, it shows that companies and some of the industry's most influential people are watching closely, and expecting more.