For Brittany Xavier, 2021 has been filled with positive developments. Pre-pandemic, the content creator’s channels were thriving, with both her Instagram and TikTok feeds filled with inspiration about travel and style. A true fashion nomad, Xavier and her husband Anthony were constantly on the go, jetting off in time with the international collections schedule. When the world ground to a halt due to the coronavirus crisis, though, Xavier and her family began to rethink their routine. “We weren’t traveling as much, and that made us reevaluate what we wanted,” she shared on the phone from California. “Once we were able to sit down and think, we realized that this was the perfect time for us to start trying for a baby. [The pause] was a blessing because I don’t know if we could have reached that conclusion if we were still going 24/7.”

Currently nine months pregnant, Xavier celebrated the occasion with a Dior-filled baby shower at The Langham Huntington Hotel in Pasadena. Dressed in a gauzy white gown designed by Maria Grazia Chiuri, Xavier looked the part of designer muse, but the event was about more than fashion. The intimate get-together was a tribute to where Xavier and her family are now. “This was about taking everything in, being present, in the moment, and enjoying this incredibly happy day,” explains Xavier. “It was very intimate; I only invited around twenty people, some of whom flew out for this. This was my first event post-COVID, so I hadn’t seen many of them since before the pandemic began. Just having everyone together in that room and knowing that the baby is coming was emotional.”

Pulling the entire event together meant planning, which Xavier began once she reached 20 weeks. “I wanted an intimate garden setting. She’s a summer baby, so I wanted to reflect that within the vibe of the shower,” says Xavier, who prioritized the safety of her guests. “When we began planning, we didn’t know exactly what restrictions would be in place, and I wanted everyone to feel safe, so it was important to have an outdoor area. In the end, with the new regulations, we were able to have indoor-outdoor, which was wonderful.” Getting the food and decor just right was also paramount—those Instagram-worthy Dior cookies don’t bake themselves. “The Langham has such an amazing pastry chef, so the desserts were phenomenal,” says Xavier. “I love sour candy too, so there was quite a bit of that as well. As we had children there, I wanted to make sure the food was kid-friendly and not so elevated that they couldn’t touch the table and enjoy themselves.”

In keeping with the event’s mood, Xavier’s dress, with its empire-waisted silhouette and layers of silk, was elegant yet effortless. “I’d always envisioned wearing white to my shower, so I loved the idea of the dress being neutral and flowing,” she says. “I also had to take into consideration that it’s July in California and about 90 degrees! I wanted something that was going to feel comfortable all day and show my little bump.” The fact that the look also coordinated perfectly with the bohemian halter dress worn by Xavier’s 14-year-old daughter Jadyn (a budding social media star in her own right) was a happy accident. “She’s at the age where she likes to be cool and doesn’t want to be matching with her mom,” says Xavier. “I double-checked with her if she wanted to wear white too, and as long as it was a lightweight, summery dress, she was fine.”

The dress proved a chic choice, one that resonated with Xavier’s online audience. Xavier has shared her evolving style on social media throughout her pregnancy for her followers who are expecting and those just looking for outfit inspiration. “I try to be mindful of both sides,” she says. “I’m still covering fashion in a way that is accessible for me with my pregnancy, but also trying to keep up with new trends and make sure that I’m also a resource for those who aren’t pregnant but are following me.”

For the last nine months, fans have been able to see the way Xavier has tweaked her wardrobe, adjusting while she’s been expecting her second child and living through the lockdown. “It was a challenge,” she says. “I was so used to wearing my high-waisted pants, trousers, and denim, but then I started showing, and I was thrown off because there weren’t that many cool brands making the fit of the pants I liked in a maternity size. [As a result] I’ve embraced more dresses, which was fun; I think I’ve been in the dress section more during this pregnancy than I have ever before.”