In another display of cosmopolitan elegance, Coach captures the life force of city life in its Fall/Winter 2021 campaign starring Jennifer Lopez, Michael B. Jordan, Jeremy Lin, and Kōki. Photographed in cities across the globe, the campaign, photographed by Renell Medrano, celebrates the joy of community.

“The Fall collection is inspired by our present and our futureขby what we’ve learned and where we are going,” said Creative Director Stuart Vevers. “It’s a story about friendship and the way our loved ones inspire, support, and shape us, and the excitement we feel about spending time together again. Comforting, nostalgic, and tactile, it celebrates the sense of possibility and joy found in connection.”

For the accompanying video campaign, each of the stars discussed the importance of friendship while modeling the brand's latest selection of handbags like the Tate and Soft Tabby, as well as the Hitch Backpack and the recently revived Rogue bag.

“When you’re with friends, possibilities are endless,” said Lopez. “When I’m with my friends, we don’t always know what will happen next. We’re just hanging out and taking it as it comes. Just knowing that people are out there and they’re doing things, it’s encouraging-it’s optimistic, and it’s spontaneous.”

“The idea of being amongst friends means being around people you’re comfortable with,” said Jordan. “People you can be yourself with, grow with, be creative with. It’s about being in an environment that makes you comfortable, where you can be authentic and thrive.”

Vevers employed Miami jump rope team The Hurricane Jumpers, Afro-Cuban jazz group Miguel Cruz and Sugarcane, and Tokyo-based music trio Gliiico as background players throughout the campaign. In addition, students from Coach's Dream It Real initiative appeared in the video series. The project is dedicated to supporting today's youth and correcting systemic inequality through education.