As much as people might feel an urge to pare down their wardrobes during lockdowns, the truth is there has never been a better moment to do more with your clothes. Dress weirder! Embrace oddball trends! Who is there to judge you or your outfits when the only human interaction happens above the sternum and on Zoom?

Those looking to dip a toe-literally-into more experimental styles should consider some boldly patterned tights. At an affordable price point, at least compared to a voluminous dress or a cashmere tie-dye knit, wildly colorful stockings can offer an instant mood lift and brighten up neutral outfits. Our at-home lifestyles make now the perfect time to experiment with plaids, swirls, and stripes too, since the hosiery likely won’t be visible to anyone but you.

And once you get the styling right, maybe pairing a bubble-hem skirt with floral tights or a dainty tea dress with ribbon-covered stockings, you should feel empowered to take the look to the streets. Guests at last year’s fashion weeks certainly were, styling Marine Serre moon-print tights and striped Maison Soksi hosiery with magpie-like outfits. Designers like Ashley Williams, Dries Van Noten, and Marc Jacobs are also meeting the moment, offering hosiery in a full spectrum of colors and prints. Patterned sheer leggings, like those at Charlotte Knowles or Chopova Lowena, get the job done too, offering even more layering potential. Whatever color you choose, the message is clear: Black tights deserve to be a thing of the past.