Lizzo is nothing if not a beauty queen. From opulent manicures to a chameleonic mane to exuberant showings of skin, the pop star has mastered the art of adorning (and celebrating) her physical form. Over the weekend, that manifested in the form of a contemporary crown built of twisted lengths and a branded barrette-a standout 2021 trend.

A collection of two-toned Bantu knots-raven hair lightened with streaks of auburn-was eye-catching enough on its own, but an assemblage of pretty details served to amplify the style even further. First, two tiny tendrils were freed from the updo to frame Lizzo's face, accompanying edges offering a subtle, stylized flair. Next, blush, gloss, a cat-eye, and a matte (though glowing) complexion conspired for a wash of late-summer radiance. And while an expressive manicure-created by Eri Ishizu, the same artist who worked on the nails in the “Rumors” music video-could have been the clincher, it was the well-placed Gucci barrette that took the look from rad to regal. As with Lil Kim's Prada moment, Lizzo's accessory felt fresh and defiant in its application, the shift in styling made for a personalized take. The lesson? When it comes to branded details and hair accessories, the more creative the placement, the better.