There is no need to go far to create the sensation of travel. It is enough to go very far… In an ancient time, these golden or light ages which forged the essence of our civilization. Everything is so purely said in the Greco-Roman antiquity, acme of an aesthetic whose authority is not to be debated.

More than a journey, an odyssey for Louis Vuitton, which for this Fall/Winter 2021 collection, joins forces with Fornasetti’s fabulous drawings, delicate engravings and fantasies of this vivid period. His imaginative line runs through, illustrates, prints the style.

It is also a story of conquest, that of the body, the heart and the mind, where the human being is the center of the subject, in its functional elegance, its domination by the intellect and its telluric seduction.

It is the astonishment of the immemorial principles which still persist and guide, like the contrapposto, which appeared in the 6th century BC, this wiggle which gave dynamism to the statues, which many couture poses have reproduced and which still explains a certain stylistic tension of fashion.

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