Louis Vuitton continues to branch out with unexpected ventures in the tech and lifestyle categories, the latest being the Horizon Speaker, a BlueTooth light-up speaker set to launch on July 30. The French luxury house’s first dabble into the world of audio (although the brand has released a myriad of LV-monogrammed earbud cases and speaker trunks before) offers an eccentric approach to the wireless speaker, sure to be embraced by music and fashion lovers worldwide.

With its unique shape inspired by the Toupie ("Spinning Top") handbag designed by Louis Vuitton’s womenswear artistic director Nicolas Ghesquiere, the speaker has a pointed top and bottom, making it look akin not only to the iconic bag silhouette, but also a UFO. This effect is bolstered in part by the fact that in addition to providing listeners with a high-quality sonic experience, the speaker is covered in the brand’s signature LV monogram pattern, which lights up in an array of shifting bright colors once the speaker is turned on.

The name “Louis Vuitton” is embossed along a band in the center of the speaker which also lights up in accordance with whichever of the seven available colorways are lit up elsewhere on the speaker. Coming with a leather strap that can be attached to the top, the speaker is not only conveniently portable but is also an eye-catching accessory that offers up to 12 hours of playtime.

In addition to its detachable strap, the speaker also comes with a dock that allows users a 360-degree listening experience, although one can experiment with altering the speaker’s directional sound by laying it on its side, should they wish to do so. Through the Louis Vuitton Connect app, users can alter and customize the speaker’s functions such as its color combinations and add a mono or multi-room setup.

The contemporary device, with its UFO-like aesthetic, introduces a unique take on speaker design that is in line with the inventiveness and boundary-pushing tendencies at the core of the Louis Vuitton brand.